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Marroni M., Cerrina Feroni A., Di Biase D., Ottria G., Pandolfi L., Taini A. Polyphase folding at upper structural levels in the Borbera valley (northern Apennines, Italy): implications for the tectonic evolution of the linkage area between Alps and Apennines. In: Comptes Rendus Geoscience, vol. 334 (8) pp. 565 - 572. Elsevier, 2002.
The Borbera Valley (northwestern Italy) is located in a complex geological area where the linkage between Alps and Apennines occurs. In this area the Antola Unit (Late Cretaceous–Palaeocene) is unconformably overlain by the Upper Eocene–Miocene succession of the Tertiary Piedmont Basin. The structural analysis indicates the occurrence of a folding phase of Late Oligocene–Early Miocene age, characterised by recumbent F2 folds. These folds are superposed onto D1 structures related to an early folding phase of Middle Eocene, affecting only the Antola Unit. The occurrence of map-scale D2 folding phase structures that affect the Tertiary Piedmont Basin succession suggests that the linkage area between Alps and Apennines was reactivated during the Late Oligocene–Early Miocene.
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Subject deformation
Antola unit
tertiary piedmont basin
northern Apennines

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