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Merlino S., Pasero M., Ferro O. The crystal structure of kukisvumite, Na6ZnTi4(Si2O6)4O4.4H2O. In: Zeitschrift für Kristallographie, vol. 215 (6) pp. 352 - 356. Oldenbourg Wissenschaftsverlag GmbH, 2000.
The crystal structure of kukisvumite, a rare mineral from Kola peninsula, Russia, has been refined in the Peen space group with X-ray single-crystal data to R = 0.055. Kukisvumite, ideally Na6ZnTi4(Si2O6)(4)O-4 . 4H(2)O. has a = 29.029(4) Angstrom, b = 8.595(1) Angstrom, c = 5.209(1) Angstrom, and Z = 2. Its crystal structure is closely related to that of lintisite; the latter mineral is obtained from kukisvumite through the substitution Zn2+ + square = 2 Li+ In the Peen space group an average structural model is realized, resulting: in columns of half-occupied [ZnO4] tetrahedra and in zig-zag chains of half-occupied Na-centered octahedra. The actual structure of kukisvumite would imply a concerted ordering of zinc and sodium in neighbour cells. The polysomatic relationships of kukisvumite with the minerals of the lintisite family are shortly outlined.
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Subject Russia
Kola peninsula
crystal structure

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