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D'Amore F., Tenorio Mejia J. Chemical and physical reservoir parameters at initial conditions in Berlin geothermal field, El Salvador: A first assessment. In: Geothermics, vol. 28 (1) pp. 45 - 73. Elsevier, 1999.
A study has been made to obtain the main chemical and physical reservoir conditions of the Berlin field (El Salvador)before the commencement of large-scale exploitation of the geothermal resource. The upflow zone and the main flow path within the geothermal system have been determined from the areal distribution of chemical parameters such as Cl concentrations ratios such as Na/KK/Mg,K/Ca,and temperatures computed from silica concentrations and cation ratios. Gas compositions have been used to calculate reservoir parameters such as temperature steam fraction and PCO2 The computer code WATCH (new edition 1994) has been used to evaluate the temperature of equilibration between the aqueous species and selected alteration minerals in the reservoir. The fluid in Berlin flows to the exploited reservoir from the south entering it in the vicinity of well TR-5. Along its flow-path (south–north direction) the fluid is cooled by boiling and conductive cooling. The chloride-enthalpy diagram indicates the existence of a parent water with a chemical composition similar to well TR-5 that boils and the residual brine produces the fluid of well TR-3 which is very concentrated in salts. The fluid of TR-5 is probably produced from this parent water generating the fluids of wells TR-2 and TR-9 by boiling and the fluids of wells TR-1 and TR-4 by conductive cooling. The computed values for the deep steam fraction clearly indicate that this is a liquid-dominated system with computed temperature values decreasing from 310°C (upflow zone) to about 230°C from south to north.
URL: http://https://www.journals.elsevier.com/geothermics
Subject gas: analytical data
waters: analytical data
water-rock interactions
El Salvador

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