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Rocchi S., Tonarini S., Armienti P., Innocenti F., Manetti P. Geochemical and isotopic structure of the early palaeozoic active margin of Gondwana in northern Victoria land, Antarctica. In: Tectonophysics, vol. 284 pp. 261 - 281. Elsevier, 1998.
The regional distribution of geochemical and isotopic compositions of granitoid rocks from a Gondwana continental margin is studied to highlight its structure and geodynamic evolution. The intrusive rocks emplaced during the early Palaeozoic Ross Orogeny in northern Victoria Land (Antarctica) constitute a high-K calc-alkaline association. The geographic patterns of isotope and geochemical data on granitoid rocks allow the distinction of two portions of the continental margin, separated by a sharp discontinuity. The portion towards the palaeo-Pacific Ocean (Oceanward Side) displays strongly regular inland increase of Sr- and decrease of Nd-isotope ratios, coupled with analogous variations in major and trace elements; on this basis we infer a NW-SE-trending margin affected by SW-directed subduction. The portion towards the East Antarctic Craton (Continentward Side) shows a similar regular variation only for Nd isotope compositions, consistent with a hypothesis of a N-S-striking margin with west-ward subduction. In the Oceanward Side, isotope and trace-element characteristics suggest that the granites were generated by extensive interaction of mantle-derived magmas with high-level crustal melts. The origin of Continentward Side intrusives is compatible with a process of interaction between mantle-derived melts and a mafic granulite lower crust. The granitoids of the two crustal sectors share the same Proterozoic Sm-Nd model ages, suggesting that they both belong to the same crustal province. We interpret this arrangement of crustal segments as due to the shift and rotation of a forearc sliver of the Gondwana margin. This movement was likely enhanced by oblique subduction under an irregular margin weakened by the presence of a magmatic arc.
URL: http://https://www.journals.elsevier.com/tectonophysics/
Subject Antarctica
continental margin
isotope geology
Sr-Nd isotopes

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