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Zanella E., Laurenzi M. Evidence for the Blake event in volcanic rocks from Lipari (Aeolian archipelago). In: Geophysical Journal International, vol. 132 pp. 149 - 158. Wiley, 1998.
Palaeomagnetic and geochronological measurements have been carried out on the late Pleistocene basaltic–andesitic unit of Monte Chirica–Costa Rasa, on the island of Lipari (Aeolian Archipelago). The lava flow sequence is about 10 m thick and has been sampled in detail. Magnetic properties are rather uniform; Curie temperatures of 540° to 580 °C, and the saturation IRM reached at applied values of 0.1 T point to titanomagnetite as the main magnetization carrier. Thermal and AF demagnetization have shown the presence of secondary magnetization components. These were removed mostly at 450°–500 °C or 20–30 mT, indicating a highly stable ChRM with directions from transitional to reverse. Where a ChRM could not be isolated by application of the demagnetization techniques, the converging remagnetization circles method gave a mean ChRM value fully comparable with that obtained from other methods. 40Ar/39Ar determinations were performed on two lava flows, in the lower and upper parts of the sequence. The former shows a transitional ChRM direction and a whole-rock age of 157±12 ka, the latter a reverse direction, a whole-rock age of 143±17 ka and a ground-mass age of 128±23 ka. The radiometric data and the reconstructed stratigraphy, which indicate ages of 150±10 ka and 104±3.5 ka, respectively, for the volcanic units at the bottom and top of the Monte Chirica–Costa Rasa unit, suggest that the reverse directions recorded in Lipari are related to the Blake event.
URL: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/journal/10.1111/(ISSN)1365-246X/
Subject Blake event
geomagnetic reversals
Tyrrhenian area
volcanic rocks
Lipari islands

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