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Bigazzi G., Hadler Neto J., Khouri Cesar M., Osorio Araya M. The thermal stability of fission tracks in the 612 Nist glass standard at room temperature. In: Radiation Measurements, vol. 24 (2) pp. 169 - 170. Elsevier, 1995.
Two wafers of the NIST (formerly NBS) glass standard SRM 612 recently irradiated have been compared to the pre-irradiated wafers RT3 and RT4 of glass SRM 962a, stored for 9 years at 5C, and SRM 962, stored for 20 years at room temperature. Track area densities on internal surfaces of the glass as well as track size measurements suggest that (1) the old SRM 962 and the more recent SRM 962a calibrations are consistent and (2) annealing of the fission tracks in the pre-irradiated wafers is negligible. This last experimental result enables a direct comparison of contemporary and previous fission track age calibrations.
URL: http://https://www.journals.elsevier.com/radiation-measurements/
Subject geochronology
fission track method
thermal stability
glass standards

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