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Ferrara R., Maserti B., De Liso A., Cioni R., Raco B., Taddeucci G., Edner H., Ragnarson P., Svanberg S., Wallinder E. Atmospheric mercury emission at Solfatara volcano (Pozzuoli, Phlegraean fields -Italy). In: Chemosphere, vol. 29 (7) pp. 1421 - 1428. Elsevier, 1994.
Mercury concentrations in air and in condensed steam coming fumarolic activity at the Solfatara crater (Phlegraean Fields - Italy) were determined. In the condensed steam, mercury was found mainly associated as Hg-S complexes and showed a flux in the range from 0.9 to 4.5 g day−1. Using the point monitor technique, high values (up to 690 ng m−3) of atmospheric mercury levels were observed only close to the main exhaling areas, while background levels (2 ng m−3) were measured over the crater area using the lidar technique. An upper limit (<2.4 g day−1) for the flux of elemental mercury in air was estimated with the lidar. This remote sensing technique also allowed to assess an upper limit for the SO2 flux (<24 kg day−1).
URL: http://https://www.journals.elsevier.com/chemosphere/
Subject Italy
Phlegraean fields
Solfatara area
gas emission
atmosferic mercury

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