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Principe C., Romano G., Vannozzi D. GEOCH Data Bank: geochemical data of natural fluids from Italian active volcanoes under surveillance. In: Geoinformatica, vol. 2 pp. 75 - 82. UniversitÓ degli studi, Napoli. Dipartimento di scienze della terra; GIAST, 1994.
This technical report describes the Version II of the GEOCH data bank, wich up to now has been under protected access. It is available on the EARN/BITNET network, through ASTRA. Revised editions of a complete manual will be prepared and distributed as required by periodic updates of the data bank. Copies of the manual may be obtained either by contacting one of the authors, or by an E-mail request to one of the following addresses: C. Principe: mafalda@vm.cnuce.cnr.it ; G.A. Romano: romano@vm.cnuce.cnr.it ; D. Vannozzi: vannozzi@vm.cnuce.cnr.it . Geoch consist of a collection of fluids analyses containing all the information on sampling and analyzing procedures. At present GEOCH contains about 11500 entries: 9000 related to Vulcano, 2500 to Lipari and 100 to Campi Flegrei. The size of the data base and the usefulness of GEOCH are expected to increase in the near future when the large amount of geochemical data obtained through instrumental monitoring are stores in it
URL: http://www.dst.unina.it/index.php
Subject Italy
Vulcano island
Lipari island
Phlegraean fields
geochemical data base
fluids analyses

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