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Chiodini G., Cioni R., Guidi M., Marini L. Chemical geothermometry and geobarometry in hydrothermal aqueous solutions: A theoretical investigation based on a mineral-solution equilibrium model. In: Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, vol. 55 (10) pp. 2709 - 2727. Elsevier, 1991.
The theoretical compositions of an aqueous solution in equilibrium with a mineral assemblage made up of low-albite, K-feldspar, either a Ca-Al-silicate or calcite, clinochlore, muscovite, quarz, anhydrite, and fluorite, under varying T-PCO2-mCl conditions of geothermal interest, indicate that: 1) the total SO4 content as well as the Na/K, K2/Mg, and SO4/F2 ratios are potential geothermometers; 2) The total HCO3 content as well as the K2/Ca, Ca/Mg, HCO3/F and (HCO3)2/SO4 ratios are potential PCO2 indicators; 3) the Na, K, Ca and Mg total contents as well as the Na2/Mg and Na2/Ca ratios are mainly controlled by the toyal ionic salinity and are therefore hardly suitable as geoindicators. A preliminary test of the equations involving total HCO3 content as well as K2/Ca and HCO3/F ratios as PCO2 indicators have provided satisfactory results.
URL: http://https://www.journals.elsevier.com/geochimica-et-cosmochimica-acta
Subject hydrothermal aqueous solutions
chemical geothermometers
mineral-solution equilibria

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