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Bakos F., Del Moro A., Visona D. The Hercynian volcano-plutonic association of Ganna (Lake Lugano, Central Southern Alps, Italy). In: European Journal of Mineralogy, vol. 2 (3) pp. 373 - 383. Schweizerbart, 1990.
A late Permian caldera structure has been identified in the area immediately SSW of Lake Lugano. A lower thick sequence of andesites, dacites and rhyolites is intruded by the top of a leucogranitic pluton, also Permian in age. Magmatic activity ended with a short rhyolitic episode. Although the volcanic sequence is lithologically expanded and shows a marked calc-alkaline character, the pluton is composed mainly of leucogranitic differentiates linked by FC processes. A Rb/Sr whole-rock isochron dates the intrusion to 275 8 Ma (MSWD = 0.11); the initial Sr isotope ratio (0.7089 0.0034) and the occurrence of fayalite in some rock-types suggests that magma production involved mantle-derived materials.
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Subject Southern Alps

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