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Zan L., Gianelli G., Passerini P., Troisi C., Haga A. Geothermal exploration in the Republic of Djibouti: thermal and geological data of the Hanle and Asal areas. In: Geothermics, vol. 19 (6) pp. 561 - 582. Elsevier, 1990.
During geothermal exploration in the Repubblic of Djibouti in the period 1987-1989, two deep wells were drilled in the Hanle area and four in the Asal area. The two wells at Hanle encountered low temperatures (maximum recorded temperature was 124C at 2020 m depth). Volcanic rocks of Miocene age were found at the bottom of one Hanle well. Minor recent crustal stretching may account for the absence of any significant thermal anomaly. The four wells at Asal met high tempertaures (up to 358C at 2095 m depth), and high entalpy fluid was produced from two of them. Drilling data and new structural studies contribute to the development of a model for the Asal rift, wich is characterized by very steep faults with no evidence of flattening at depth and by the migration of the spreading axis from southwest to northeast. The authigenic mineral assemblage studied in all the wells is in good agreement with the measured temperatures in five of the six wells
URL: http://https://www.journals.elsevier.com/geothermics
Subject stratigraphy and sedimentology
well temperatures: instruments and procedures

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