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Bigazzi G., Del Moro A., Macera P. A quantitative approach to trace element and Sr isotope evolution in the Adamello batholith (northern Italy). In: Contributions To Mineralogy and Petrology, vol. 94 (1) pp. 46 - 53. Springer, 1986.
A development of De Paolo's mathematical procedure (1981) for magmatic AFC (Assimilation-Fractional Crystallization) processes is discussed with respect to both trace element and Sr isotopic ratio behaviours during the genesis and evolution of Adamello batholith (northern Italy). Resolution of a two equation-system (one relative to ⁸⁷Sr/⁸⁶Sr ratio variation in a magma generated by an AFC process, the other to its trace element content variations) gives the F (mass of magma at time t/mass of initial magma) and D (bulk partition coefficient) values, by which one can deduce the r (rate of assimilation/rate of crystallization) value during each step of magmatic evolution. This quantitative approach suggests that: 1) there was a common precursor magma for all the Adamello granitoids, with a Mg-rich tholeiitic composition; 2) each intrusive unit appears to have been generated by different extents of AFC; 3) the trace element distribution in the magma seems essentially influenced by mineral fractionation, rather than by the composition of the assimilated crustal material.
URL: http://link.springer.com/journal/410
Subject Italy
Adamello batholith
rare elements
Rb-Sr ratio

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