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Armienti P., Barberi F., Innocenti F. A model of the Phlegraean Fields magma chamber in the last 10,500 years. In: Bulletin of Volcanology, vol. 42 (2) pp. 349 - 358. Springer, 1984.
Volcanological and petrological data suggest that the Phlegraean Fields volcanic activity has been fed, at least in the last 10,500 years, by a not-refilled magma chamber where trachytic residual liquids were produced by fractionation of a trachybasaltic magma. Using estimated volumes of the erupted products andP–T data obtained through petrological studies, a conductive thermal model of the chamber was built up in order to estimate its past and present size. Results suggest a volume decrease from approximately 14 to 1.4 km³ of the trachybasaltic magma in 10,500 years. Trachytic liquid would also be present in the chamber in a minimum amount of 0.4 km³. The model allowed some insights on the petrogenesis of the Phlegraean trachytes, suggesting that they were erupted as liquids because thermally buffered within the magma chamber.
URL: http://www.springerlink.com/content/w3021h13017497tq/
DOI: 10.1007/BF01961566
Subject volcanology and magmatic rocks

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