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Schroeder R., O'Sullivan M., Pruess K., Celati R., Ruffilli C. Reinjection studies of vapor-dominated systems. In: Geothermics, vol. 11 (2) pp. 93 - 119. Elsevier, 1982.
Reinjection of produced brines is currently being considered for Larderello and other vapor-dominated geothermal fields as a potential means for safe disposal and enhanced energy recovery. In this context is it necessary to develop a detailed assessment of the impact of injection on reservoir performance, in particular on power output and reservoir longevity. As a step towards such an assessment, the present work explores the effects of cold water injection into idealized model reservoirs using numerical simulation techniques. The rock matrix parameters and thermodynamic conditions employed are representative of the Larderello steam fields. One-dimensional radial flow near an injection well is modeled to study in detail the propagation of hydrodynamic and temperature fronts. Simulated results are subjected to single-phase pressure transient analysis to examine the applicability of this technique for determination of formation parameters. Gravity effects for injection into a thick two-phase reservoir are studied within a vertical two-dimensional mesh. Comparisons are made between shallow and deep injection. Mixed production/injection schemes are investigated for a five-spot geometry using an areal two-dimensional mesh. It is found that production pressures and power output change little due to injection, whereas longevity of the field can be substantially increased. A one-dimensional vertical column representing a cross-section of Larderello is used to study the effects of injection at different depths in the more depleted zones of this reservoir.
URL: http://https://www.journals.elsevier.com/geothermics
Subject reinjection studies
vapor-dominated systems

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