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Nuti S., Noto P., Ferrara G. The system H2O-CO2-CH4-H2 at Travale, Italy; tentative interpretation. In: Geothermics, vol. 9 (3-4) pp. 287 - 295. Elsevier, 1980.
The Travale geothermal field lies south-east of the well-known geothermal field of Larderello in Tuscany, Italy. It was discovered and exploited at a later date than Larderello. In 1978 samples were taken from all the productive wells in the area for chromatographic and mass-spectrometric analyses of gases and chemical analyses of the condensate. At the same time measurements were made of fluid temperatures at the wellheads and the gas : steam ratios. The chemical composition of the major gas species is presented and interpreted, particularly the relationship between the gases, water, carbon dioxide, methane and hydrogen. Using these relationships and the isotopic results some hypotheses are made on the origin of the gas species and the possible chemical and isotopic equilibria between the different fluid components.
URL: http://https://www.journals.elsevier.com/geothermics
Subject Travale
geochemical thermometers
gas: analytical data

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