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Celati R., Squarci P., Stefani G., Taffi L. Study of water levels in Larderello region geothermal wells for reconstruction of the reservoir pressure trend. In: Geothermics, vol. 6 (3-4) pp. 183 - 198. Elsevier, 1978.
The study of the water levels measured during drilling in Larderello geothermal region (Larderello and Travale fields) has led to: 1. the evaluation of reservoir steam pressures in the period preceding the systematic shut-in of the wells; 2. the reconstruction of the piezometric surface or water-table of the aquifers surrounding the field and the pressure trend on the inside of some exploited areas; 3. an understanding of some aspects of the interactions taking place between vapour-dominated systems and neighbouring aquifers.
URL: http://https://www.journals.elsevier.com/geothermics
Subject regional and local hydrological conditions
well pressures: local and regional data

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