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Gianelli G. Vara supergroup ophiolite probably represents an ancient transcurrent fault zone. In: Ofioliti, vol. 2 (1) pp. 115 - 135. Istituto Geoscienze e Georisorse, 1977.
Levels of breccias of different composition characterize the ophiolitic sequence of the Vara Supergroup. These breccias were formed before the deposition of the upper Jurassic-Lower Cretaceous sediments overlying the ophiolite; they represent a mixing up of ultramafic fragments and calcareous ooze (Ophicalcites) or talus deposits at the foot of fault planes (Mt. Rossola and Mt. Zenone Breccias). Cataclastic levels of differentiated oceanic crust, deformed and tectonized before the pouring out of lava flows are also present (Mt. Capra Breccia and a cataclastic gabbro-Diabase association). Radiolarian cherts and carbonatic or shaly sediments cover these breccias and pillow lavas. Such features suggest the presence of a tectonic setting comparable to the present-day fracture zones offsetting the Mid -Atlantic ridge. This fact is peculiar of the Vara Supergroup ophiolite, wich can be an example of ophiolitic complex representing an old trascurrent fault zone
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Subject Italy
Ligurian region
Vara supergroup

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