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D'Amore F., Sabroux J. Signification de la presence de Radon 222 dans les fluides geothermiques. In: Bulletin of Volcanology, vol. 40 (2) pp. 106 - 115. Springer, 1977.
The 222Rn content of a subterranean fluid depends on the physico-chemical nature of the media through which the fluid passes and on the time spent by the fluid in the various geological formations encountered. Consequently, 222Rn measurement in a geofluid gives a clue to the subsurface transport conditions of this geofluid. Simple models are proposed for various type of buried structures connected with the surface by a geothermal well; all lead to the 222Rn concentration expressed as a function of the flow-rate of the carrier fluid. In real systems, the variations of this concentration with flow-rate would allow the type of structure feading the well to be determined, and, in propitious circustances, the volume of the possible reservoir to be estimated.
URL: http://link.springer.com/journal/445
Subject rare gas

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