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Panichi C., Ferrara G., Gonfiantini R. Isotope geothermometry in the Larderello geothermal field. In: Geothermics, vol. 5 (1-4) pp. 81 - 88. Elsevier, 1977.
The isotope geothermometers based on the 13C/12C fractionation between carbon dioxide and methane and on the 18O/16O fractionation between carbon dioxide and water vapour have been applied in Larderello geothermal field. The CO2 - CH4 thermometer gives temperatures which are 50200C higher than those measured at the well head. The distribution of the isotopic temperatures within the field follows more or less similar patterns to those given by the well-head temperatures. They are believed to reflect the temperatures of formation of CO2 and CH4. The CO2 - H2O thermometer gives the temperature of the geothermal reservoirs tapped, and the difference between the isotopic temperature and the temperature measured at the well head is a measure of the cooling undergone by geothermal fluid on its way up to the surface.
URL: http://https://www.journals.elsevier.com/geothermics
Subject geochemical thermometers

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