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Longo V., Gervasi P. G., Lubrano V. Cisplatin induced toxicity in rat tissues: The protective effect of Lisosan G. In: Food and Chemical Toxicology, vol. 49 pp. 233- - 237. Elsevier, 2011.
The protective effect of a powder of grain (Lisosan G) against cisplatin-induced toxicity in rats was studied. Male rats were fed with Lisosan G before injection of cisplatin and four days later they were killed and blood was collected along with hepatic, renal and testicular tissues. The results showed that cisplatin treatment increased plasma blood urea nitrogen, creatinine and hydrogen peroxide and decreased cytochrome P450 content in renal and hepatic tissues. It also reduced the plasmatic testosterone level and caused a depletion of testicular 17a-progesterone hydroxylase activity. In the group fed with Lisosan G and treated with cisplatin blood urea nitrogen and creatinine returned to the control level indicating a protective effect of Lisosan G. It was also observed that the ones fed with Lisosan G were able to attenuate the decrease in the P450-dependent activities and the activities of antioxidant enzymes as well. Lisosan G protected the testicular 17a-progesterone hydroxylase activity and increased the plasma testosterone level compared to animals treated only with cisplatin. Our results showed a protective effect of Lisosan G against the cisplatin induced toxicity. The protective effect of Lisosan G could be associated mainly with the attenuation of the oxidative stress and the preservation in antioxidant enzymes.
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