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Ledda M., De Lazzari C., Lisi A., Fresiello L., Grimaldi S., Piccioni M. G., Di Matteo A., Fusco L., Lanzi L., Caldarera C. M., Alessandri N. The role of extracellular conditions during CaCo-2 cells growth: a preliminary study for numerical model validation. In: European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences, vol. 15 (1) pp. 61 - 70. Verduci Editore, 2011.
One important limitation in cell therapy protocols, in regenerative medicine (an innovative and promising strategy for different pathologies treatment), is due to the low knowlogies about the engraftment, proliferation and differentiation of cell transplanted. In the matter of this field can be necessary to predict the logistics, economic and timing issues during cellular transplantation. It has been reported that cells number, environmental, temperature and extracellular pH (pH0) value influence specific metabolic pathways and cellular growth. A valid support for tray to understand and reduce some of these limitations can be supply using numerical models. The aim of the present work was to develop the first step of cells transplantation to identify "in vitro", which parameters can be useful to develop and validate a numerical model, able to evaluate "in vivo" cells engraftment and proliferation. In order to better understand the cellular processes such as cellular growth, metabolic activity, cell survival and pH0, it were varied extracellular parameters such as volume of the medium, buffer system, nutrient concentrations and temperature on human colon carcinoma cells (CaCo-2) "in vitro culture". Results showed that CaCo-2 cells growth and mortality increase after two days in culture when cells were suspended in 3.5 ml volume to respect of 10 ml volume. Different temperature values influence CaCo-2 cells growth and metabolic activity showing a direct relationship with the volume of the medium. In conclusion the presented results describe as CaCo-2 cell growth, metabolic activity, mortality and extracellular pH were influenced by extracellular parameters, enabling as to develop and validate a numerical model useful to evaluate "in vivo" cells engraftment and proliferation.
Subject Modelling and Prediction

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