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Bogazzi F., Lombardi M., Scattina I., Urbani C., Marciano E., Costa A., Pepe P., Rossi G., Martino E. Comparison of colonoscopy and fecal occult blood testing as a first-line screening of colonic lesions in patients with newly diagnosed acromegaly. In: Journal of Endocrinological Investigation, vol. 33 pp. 530 - 533. KEDITRICE KURTIS, 2010.
Patients with acromegaly have frequently colonic neoplasms; however, how acromegalic patients should be screened for colonic lesions is still unsettled. Aims: To compare fecal occult blood testing (FOBT) and colonoscopy in the screening program of patients with acromegaly. Design: Colonoscopy and FOBT were performed at the first diagnosis of acromegaly. Setting: Tertiary University center. Patients: Eighty-five consecutive patients with untreated active acromegaly submitted to colonoscopy and FOBT. Results: FOBT, which was positive in 16 (18.8%) out of 85 patients, identified 2 patients withcolonic adenocarcinoma and 2 with adenoma; the remaining 12 patients had no detectable colonic lesions. Colonoscopy revealed colonic lesions in 29 patients: 3 (3.5%) cancers, 11 (12.9%) adenomas, and 15 (17.6%) hyperplastic polyps. The remaining 56 acromegalic patients had no detectable lesions. A patient with cancer and 9 patients with adenoma were missed if screened only by FOBT. Conclusions: Colonoscopy is superior to FOBT in detecting colonic lesions at the first diagnosis of acromegaly.
DOI: 10.3275/6867

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