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Celi S., Di Achille P., Di Puccio F., Santarelli M. F. A Matlab Toolbox for Morphological analysis and 3D Reconstruction of Arterial histological Sections. In: International Journal of Tomography & Statistics, vol. 13 (W10) pp. 38 - 49. Special Volume on Image Processing. IJTS ISDER, 2010.
The paper describes a Matlab toolbox for automatic analysis of histologiacal arterial sections, for both morphometric investigations and 3D reconstructions. The aim of this program is to simplify and improve the processing of histological images, which is usually carried out by means of specific or standard image editing software, where measuring is mainly manual-based so affected by subjective errors. A user-friendly interface has been also developed, to help a non-Matlab-expert through the steps of the elaboration.
Subject image processing, blood vesse, morphometric analysis, three dimensional reconstruction

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