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Gastaldelli A., Basta G. Ectopic fat and cardiovascular disease: what is the link?. In: Nutrition Metabolism and Cardiovascular Diseases, vol. 20 (7) pp. 481 - 490. Elsevier, 2010.
Aim of this paper is to review the recent literature on the relationship between ectopic fat accumulation and cardiovascular disease. Data synthesis Ectopic fat is an important predictor of metabolic (in particular insulin resistance) and cardiovascular disease, carrying more risk than general fat accumulation. Recent studies have shown a link between ectopic fat accumulation, as cardiac (epicardial or intra-myocardial fat) and/or visceral and/or hepatic fat, and development of atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease and hypertension. Conclusions Ectopic fat accumulation is not only a marker of cardiometabolic disease, since through the release of adipocitokines, lipotoxic and glucotoxic agents, participates in the crosstalk with insulin-sensitive organs leading to metabolic, cardiac and vascular dysfunctions.
Subject Visceral fat
non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
Epicardial fat
Cardiovascular disease

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