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Giovannetti G., Viti V., Hartwig V., Liu Y., Yu W., Mittra R., Landini L., Benassi A. Electromagnetic Method for Sample Induced Resistance Calculation of Magnetic Resonance Coils. In: International Journal of Biomedical Engineering and Technology, vol. 4 (1) pp. 18 - 28. Inderscience, 2010.
SNR calculation in Magnetic Resonance experiments requires the knowledge of biological sample resistance value. In dependence on system geometry, many authors studied sample-coil interaction by using quasi-static approach, with very simple coil geometry (circular or square) and homogeneous infinitely long cylinders, spheres or half-space as an approximation of the sample geometry. However, in real MR experiments, both shape and dimensions can be very different respect to these coil and sample models. Moreover, quasi-static method fails at high field MR imaging. In this paper we propose a theoretical algorithm for sample resistance estimation which use a numerical solver based on Finite-Difference Time-Domain method for simulating MR systems, without approximations in sample and coil geometries. Comparison with experimental data, performed on a home-built simple coil, demonstrated the great accuracy of the developed algorithm. The proposed method can be used as a tool to estimate sample resistance values for more complex geometries.
Subject Magnetic Resonance

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