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Giovannetti G., Frijia F., Hartwig V., Viti V., Landini L. A novel Magnetic Resonance phased array coil designed with FDTD algorithm. In: Applied Magnetic Resonance, vol. 39 (3) pp. 225 - 231. Springer, 2010.
Radio-frequency receiver phased-array coils in magnetic resonance imaging systems are used to pick up the signals emitted by the nuclei with high signal-to-noise ratio and a large region of sensitivity. Since the quality of obtained images strongly depends upon the correct choice of the coil geometry and position, array coils have to be designed by minimizing the mutual interaction among nearby coil elements and this is generally achieved by overlapping such adjacent elements. In this paper, we describe the use of a numerical solver based on finite-difference time-domain method to determine the optimal overlap distance, which guarantees the maximum decoupling level between the coil loops, for array coils constituted by various geometry elements. A novel array coil was designed, constituted by a couple of elliptical geometry elements in ''folding'' version around the animals' spine curvature, for small animals' imaging applications.
Subject Magnetic Resonance

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