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Cabiati M., Campan M., Caselli C., Prescimone T., Giannessi D., Del Ry S. Sequencing and cardiac expression of natriuretic peptide receptors A and C in normal and heart failure pigs. In: Regulatory Peptides, vol. 162 (1-3) pp. 12 - 17. Elsevier, 2010.
Pharmacological treatments able to activate natriuretic receptors (NPRs) and inhibit cardiac remodelling in heart failure (HF) patients, are currently under investigation. To better understand the therapeutic potential of the NPRs activation is necessary to dispose of experimental models devoid of confounding effects. The pig constitutes an animal model largely used but its genome is not completely sequenced. Aims of this study were to sequence NPR-A and NPR-C in Susscrofa and to evaluate ANP, BNP and NPRs mRNA expression in cardiac tissue of normal and HF minipigs in order to have a starting point for future studies devoted to check new potential drugs. Cardiac tissue was collected from adult male minipigs without (n=4) and with HF (n=5). Pig NPR-A (179bp) and NPR-C (203bp) mRNA were partially sequenced (GenBank n.: FJ518622, FJ518621). Compared to control, ANP and BNP gene expression resulted higher in all the cardiac chambers of HF heart. This increase is associated to a down-regulation of NPR-A and an up-regulation of NPR-C in HF. These sequences will provide a new tool to investigate the role of natriuretic peptides and of their receptors under physiological and pathological conditions and their response to therapeutic interventions.
Subject natriuretic peptide receptors
heart failure

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