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Billeci L., Pioggia G., Vaglini F., Ahluwalia A. Assessment and comparison of neural morphology through metrical feature extraction and analysis in neuron and neuron-glia cultures. In: Journal of Biological Physics, vol. 35 pp. 447 - 464. Springer, 2009.
The morphology of dissociated single cerebellar Purkinje cells obtained from wild-type P1 CD1 mice was assessed in the absence and in the presence of glia. A dedicated noninvasive technique based on optical microscopy was developed. Image processing algorithms were implemented to extract metrical features characterizing cell structure and dendritic arborization. The morphological features were analyzed in order to identify quantitative differences in Purkinje cell morphology due to interactions with astrocytes.
DOI: 10.1007/s10867-009-9150-3
Subject H02.070

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