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De Lazzari C., Neglia D., Ferrari G., Bernini F., Micalizzi M., L'Abbate A. Computer Simulation of Coronary Flow Waveforms during Caval Occlusion. In: Methods of Information in Medicine, vol. 48 (2) pp. 113 - 122. Schattauer, 2009.
Objectives: Mathematical modeling of the cardiovascular system is a powerful tool to extract physiologically relevant information from multi-parametric experiments. The purpose of the present work was to reproduce by means of a computer simulator, systemic and coronary measurements obtained by in vivo experiments in the pig. Methods: We monitored in anesthetized open-chest pig the phasic blood flow of the left descending coronary artery, aortic pressure, left ventricular pressure and volume. Data were acquired before, during, and after caval occlusion. Inside the software simulator (CARDIOSIM©)of the cardiovascular system,coronary circulation was modeled in three parallel branching sections. Both systemic and pulmonary circulations were simulated using a lumped parameter mathematical model. Variable elastance model reproduced Starling's law of the heart. Results: Different left ventricular pressure-volume loops during experimental caval occlusion and simulated cardiac loops are presented. The sequence of coronary flow-aortic pressure loops obtained in vivo during caval occlusion together with the simulated loops reproduced by the software simulator are reported. Finally experimental and simulated instantaneous coronary blood flow waveforms are shown. Conclusions: The lumped parameter model of the coronary circulation, together with the cardiovascular system model, is capable of reproducing the changes during caval occlusion, with the profound shape deformation of the flow signal observed during the in vivo experiment. In perspectives, the results of the present model could offer new tool for studying the role of the different determinants of myocardial perfusion, by using the coronary loop shape as a "sensor" of ventricular mechanics in various physiological and pathophysiological conditions.
URL: http://www.schattauer.de/de/magazine/uebersicht/zeitschriften-a-z/methods/contents/archive/issue/662/manuscript/11071/show.html
Subject Circulatory system, hemodynamics, coronary circulation, left ventricle, computer simulation

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