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Del Ry S., Cabiati M., Lionetti V., Simioniuc A., Caselli C., Prescimone T., Emdin M., Giannessi D. Asymmetrical myocardial expression of natriuretic peptides in pacing-induced heart failure. In: Peptides, vol. 30 (9) pp. 1710 - 1713. elsevier, 2009.
High-frequency pacing of the left ventricle (LV) free wall causes a dyssynchronous pattern of contraction that leads to progressive heart failure (HF) with pronounced differences in regional contractility. Aim of this study was to evaluate possible changes in brain natriuretic peptide (BNP) and C-type natriuretic peptide (CNP) mRNA expression in the anterior/anterior lateral region (pacing site, PS) as compared to the infero-septal region (opposite site, OS) and to explore possible association between the contractiling pattern and biomarker expression. Cardiac tissue was collected from minipigs with pacing-induced HF (n=8) and without (control, n=6). The samples were selectively harvested from the anterior left ventricular (LV) wall, PS, and from an area remote to the pacing-site, OS. BNP and CNP mRNA expression was evaluated by semi-quantitative polymerase chain reaction (PCR). A significant difference in BNP expression was found in the PS between HF animals and controls (BNP/GAPDH: 0.65+/-0.11 vs. 0.35+/-0.04, p=0.02), but not in the OS (BNP/GAPDH: 0.36+/-0.05, ns vs. controls). CNP expression was not different compared to controls, although higher levels were observed in the PS and in the OS with respect to the controls (CNP/GAPDH: controls 0.089+/-0.036, PS 0.289+/-0.23, OS 0.54+/-0.16). This finding was in tune with an increase of CNP tissue concentration (controls: 0.69+/-0.13; PS=1.56+/-0.19; OS=1.70+/-0.42 pg/mg protein; p=0.039 controls vs. OS). Higher BNP mRNA expression in the PS is consistent with a reduction in contractile function in this region, while higher CNP mRNA expression in the OS suggests the presence of concomitant endothelial dysfunction in the remote region.
Subject heart failure
natriuretic peptides

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