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Landini L., Santarelli M. F., Landini L., Positano V. The biological effect of Diagnostic Cardiac Imaging. In: Current Pharmaceutical Design, vol. 15 (10) pp. 1123 - 1130. Bentham Science Publishers, 2009.
In this paper the authors deal with the main imaging techniques available to clinical cardiologists, with a brief overview of biophysical and biological aspects which are of relevance for the assessment of health effects related to the exposure of patients to both ionizing and non ionizing radiation. A main contribute is the reviewing published evidence on biological effects of radiation, trying to compose a balanced issue in order to increase awareness and knowledge about radiation exposure from cardiac imaging and implications for health risk.
URL: http://www.benthamdirect.org
Subject Cardiac imaging
biological effects
ionizing radiation
non-ionizing radiation.

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