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De Maria C., Grassini D., Vozzi F., Vinci B., Landi A., Ahluwalia A., Vozzi G. HEMET: Mathematical model of biochemical pathways for simulation and prediction of HEpatocyte METabolism. In: Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine, vol. 92 pp. 121 - 134. Elsevier, 2008.
Many computer studies and models have been developed in order to simulate cell biochem- ical pathways. The difficulty of integrating all the biochemical reactions that occur in a cell in a single model is the main reason for the poor results in the prediction and simula- tion of cell behaviour under different chemical and physical stimuli. In this paper we have translated biochemical reactions into differential equations for the development of modular model of metabolism of a hepatocyte cultured in static and standard conditions (in a plas- tic multiwell placed in an incubator at 37◦C with 5% of CO2). Using biochemical equations and energetic considerations a set of non-linear differential equations has been derived and implemented in Simulink®. This set of equations mimics some of the principal metabolic pathways of biomolecules present in the culture medium. The software platform developed is subdivided into separate modules, each one describing a different metabolic pathway; they constitute a library which can be used for developing new modules and models to project, predict and validate cell behaviour in vitro.
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