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Kozarski M., Ferrari G., Darowski M. Anewhybrid electro-numerical model of the left ventricle. In: Computers in Biology and Medicine, vol. 38 (9) pp. 979 - 989. Elsevier, 2008.
The paper presents a new project of a hybrid numerical-physical model of the left ventricle. A physical part of the model can be based on electrical or hydraulic structures. Four variants of the model with numerical and physical heart valves have been designed to investigate an effect of a heart assistance connected in series and in parallel to the natural heart. The LabVIEWTM real time environment has been used in the model to increase its accuracy and reliability. A prototype of the hybrid electro-numerical model of the left ventricle has been tested in an open loop and closed loop configuration.
Subject Hybrid circulatory model
Hybrid numerical-physical model
Voltage-controlled voltage source

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