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Baldini F., Giannetti A., Mencaglia A. A., Senesi F., Citti L., Domenici C., Tedeschi L., Gozzoli D. A compact optical system for the interrogation of microcantilevers. In: Proceedings of the Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers, vol. 6619 pp. 661924-1 - 661924-4. SPIE Society, 2007.
The present paper is concerned with the development of an optical system capable of interrogating an array of silicon microcantilevers. The use of a laser line-generator and of a CCD camera allows the simultaneous interrogation of the eight cantilevers of the chip without movable parts. The resolution achieved in terms of displacement of each cantilever end is better than 7.5 nm. As an example of the operation, the system has been characterized as a refractometer by filling the cell with liquids having different index of refraction.
Subject optical chemical sensor

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