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Nannelli A., Messina A., Marini S., Trasciatti S., Longo V., Gervasi P. G. Effects of the anticancer dehydrotarplatin on cytochrome P450 and antioxidant enzymes in male rat tissues. In: Archives of Toxicology, vol. 81 pp. 479 - 487. Springer-Verlag, 2007.
The effect of dehydrotarplatin (DTP),a new antineoplastic drug analogous to cisplatin,and its metabolite (Triacid)on the hepatic,renal and testicu- lar CYP and antioxidant enzymes of male rats was investigated.The rats were treated i.p.with a single dose of DTP (25 mg kg 1 day 1 )or Triacid (17.5mgkg 1 day 1 )and analysed 3 or 7 days post treatment.Three days after treatment,both drugs reduced body and liver weights,which partially recov- ered the control level after 7 days.DTP and,to a less extent,Triacid caused a depletion of plasmatic testos- terone content and a down regulation in the liver of androgen dependent male speci W c CYP 2C11,but not of CYP 1A and 2E1,as determined by a signi W cant decrease of 2 = and 16 = testosterone hydroxylase activities (markers for CYP 2C11)and of apoprotein immunoreactive with anti-rat CYP 2C11 antibodies. However,the activity of testicular 17 = progesterone hydroxylase,a key reaction in steroidogenesis,was not altered by these drugs.The DTP and Triacid adminis- tration did not cause any alteration of the plasmatic urea nitrogen and creatinine,known as markers of kid- ney toxicity.However,treatment with DTP,not Tri- acid,either 3 and 7 days post treatment,caused in the kidney microsomes a signi W cant increase of the total CYP content,the CYP 4A-dependent ( -and ( 1)-lauric acid hydroxylase activities and apoprotein immunoreactive with anti-rat CYP 4A1.The present study also examined the enzymatic antioxidant status of kidney and liver.Neither DTP nor Triacid adminis- tration induced,with respect to control values,any alteration of hepatic and renal glutathione reductase, glutathione S -transferase,catalase,superoxide dismu- tase activities,hepatic GSH level and renal microsomal lipid peroxidation level.Among the antioxidant enzymes assayed,only the renal activity of glutathione peroxidase was signi W cantly increased after DTP but not Triacid treatment.These results indicate that DTP at a dose of 25 mg/kg and Triacid cause a feminization of the CYP enzymes in male rat liver similar to that reported for cisplatin when administered at a low dose (5 mg/kg).However,unlike cisplatin,DTP and its metabolite were unable to enhance BUN and creati- nine and cause any depression of CYP activities and antioxidant enzymes in the kidney,suggesting that DTP may have low or even no potential in inducing nephrotoxicity.
URL: http://DOI 10.1007/s00204-007-0184-7
Subject Dehydrotarplatin
Hepatic, renal and testicular P450
Oxidative stress enzymes

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