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Darowski M., Klonowski W., Kozarski M., Ferrari G., ZieliSki K., Stepien R. Hybrid modeling of biomedical systems and measuring nonlinear characteristics of biosignals for improving quality of life. In: Metrology and Measurement Systems, vol. XIV (1) pp. 89 - 100. Committee on Metrology and Research Equipment, Polish Academy of Sciences, 2007.
The main purpose of this paper is to present some metrological aspects of the new concept of hybrid modeling (combined physical and in silico) of biological systems as well as possible applications of nonlinear (symbolic) biosignal analysis for improving quality of life through modeling and knowledge-based measurements in medicine.
URL: http://www.metrology.pg.gda.pl/no200701.html#p89
Subject hybrid modeling
modeling errors
virtual instruments
nonlinear dynamics
biosignal analysis

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