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Balocchi R., Cantini F., Varanini M., Raimondi G., Legramante J. M., Macerata A. Revisiting the potential of time-domain indexes in short-term HRV analysis. In: Biomed Tech, vol. 51 pp. 190 - 193. Walter de Gruyter • Berlin • New York, 2006.
In the context of HRV analysis, we evaluated the information content of two measures that can easily be derived from the classical RR time-domain indexes. The two measures are: 1) the ratio sd/rmssd, where sd is the RR standard deviation and rmssd is the root mean square of squared differences of consecutive RR beats; and 2) the ratio sd2/sd1, where sd2 and sd1 are extracted from the Poincare´ plot and represent the transversal and longitudinal dispersion of the cloud of points (RRi,RRiq1). We compared the performance of the two measures with that of the classical LF/HF ratio in a group of healthy subjects who underwent a 708 upright tilt test. The goodness of the results obtained by the two measures, the simplicity of their calculation and their applicability free from a priori assumptions on the characteristics of the data are proposed to the attention of the community involved in the HRV analysis as a possible alternative to the LF/HF ratio.
Subject cardiac sympathetic index

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