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Bianchi F., Vassalle C., Simonetti M., Vozzi G., Domenici C., Ahluwalia A. Endothelial cell function on 2D and 3D micro-fabricated polymer scaffolds: applications in cardiovascular tissue engineering. In: Journal of Biomaterials Science-Polymer Edition, vol. 17 (1-2) pp. 37 - 51. Ingenta (ed.). VSP 2006, 2006.
Polymeric structures of a polylactide-polycaprolactone blend were micro-fabricated using the Pressure Assisted Microsyringe (PAM) system. Human umbilical vein endothelial cells were cultured on the scaffolds, and apoptosis, cell adhesion, proliferation and metabolism were evaluated. In addition, more specific indicators of endothelial cell function, namely nitric oxide and endothelin production, were also assessed. Thin films of the blend, as well as gelatine-coated glass slides (as controls) were used. The results show that as far as adhesion, apoptosis and metabolism are concerned, the scaffolds do not interfere with cell function compared with gelatin controls. However, the nitric oxide/endothelin ratio was higher than that observed on the gelatin films, suggesting that the scaffolds could be used for engineering small diameter blood vessels without risk of occlusion.
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Subject HUVEC

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