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Corbo G., Forastiere F., Agabiti N., Baldacci S., Farchi S., Pistelli R., Simoni M., Valente S., Viegi G. Rhinitis and snoring as risk factors for hypertension in post-menopausal women. In: Respiratory Medicine, vol. 100 pp. 1368 - 1373. Elsevier Inc, 2006.
Several studies have suggested an association between snoring and hypertension. An association between rhinitis and hypertension has been recently indicated in men but not in women. Since menopausal status is an important determinant of blood pressure, we evaluated the relationship between rhinitis, snoring and blood pressure taking into account the modifying effect of menopausal status. Design Cross-sectional survey. Settings Four areas of Italy: the Po river Delta, Pisa (Tuscany), Viterbo (Lazio) and Rome. Main outcome measures Data were collected by a questionnaire and a medical visit. Participants One thousand five hundred and fifty-four female non-smokers. Results Systolic blood pressure (SBP) was significantly related to both occasional and habitual snoring in the overall sample. No associations were found between SBP, snoring, and rhinitis in pre-menopausal women. Both occasional and habitual snoring, but not rhinitis, were significant risk factors for increased SBP in women who stopped menstruating fewer than 11 years previously ( Formula Not Shown, 95% confidence interval (CI)=3.5, 17.01 and Formula Not Shown, 95% CI=2.3, 17.5, respectively). However, women who had been menopausal for more than 11 years were found to have an increased SBP if they were occasional snorers ( Formula Not Shown 95% CI=1.2, 16.6) or habitual snorers ( Formula Not Shown, 95% CI=0.10, 15.9). The increase in SBP was even greater in these women when habitual snoring was associated with rhinitis ( Formula Not Shown, 95% CI=1.01, 22.9). Conclusion We suggest that the association of snoring with rhinitis may facilitate the development of apnea during sleep, which in post-menopausal women may increase the risk of developing hypertension.
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Subject Snoring

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