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Tosi G., Trimarchi C., Macaluso M., La Sala D., Ciccodicola A., Lazzi S., Massaro-Giordano M., Caporossi A., Giordano A., Cinti C. Genetic and epigenetic alterations of RB2/p130 tumor suppressor gene in human sporadic retinoblastoma: implications for pathogenesis and therapeutic approach. In: Oncogene, vol. 24 pp. 5827 - 5836. Nature Publishing Group, 2005.
Human retinoblastoma occurs in two forms (familial and sporadic) both due to biallelic mutation of the RB1/p105 gene even if its loss is insufficient for malignancy. We have recently reported that loss of expression of the retinoblastoma-related protein pRb2/p130 correlates with low apoptotic index, suggesting that RB2/p130 gene could be involved in retinoblastoma. Mutational analysis of RB2/p130 in primary tumors showed a tight correlation between Exon 1 mutations and pRb2/p130 expression level in sporadic retinoblastoma. These mutations are located within a CpG-enriched region prone to de novo methylation. Analysis of RB2/p130 methylation status revealed that epigenetic events, most probably consequent to the Exon 1 mutations, determined the observed phenotype. Treatment of Weri-Rb1 cell line by 5-Aza-dC induced an increase in expression level of pRb2/p130, E2F1, p73 and p53. Overall, our results highlight a crucial role of epigenetic events in sporadic retinoblastoma, which opens a perspective for new therapeutic approaches.
Subject retinoblastoma and methylation

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