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Miller M. R., Crapo R., Hankinson J., Brusasco V., Burgos F., Casaburi R., Coates A., Enright P., Van Der Grinten C. P. M., Gustafsson P., Jensen R., Johnson D. C., Macintyre N., McKay R., Navajas D., Pedersen O. F., Pellegrino R., Viegi G., Wanger J. General considerations for lung function testing. In: European Respiratory Journal, vol. 1 pp. 153 - 161. ERS Journals, 2005.
BACKGROUND In preparing the joint statements on lung function testing for the American Thoracic Society (ATS) and the European Respiratory Society (ERS), it was agreed by the working party that the format of the statements should be modified so that they were easier to use by both technical and clinical staff. This statement contains details about procedures that are common for many methods of lung function testing and, hence, are presented on their own. A list of abbreviations used in all the documents is also included as part of this statement.
Subject spirometry standardisation
lung function measurements

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