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Cerillo A. G., Amoretti F., Moschetti R., Muzzi B., Chiappino D. Sixteen-row multislice computed tomography in infants with double aortic arch. In: International Journal of Cardiology, vol. 99 (02) pp. 191 - 194. elsevier, 2005.
The introduction of multislice computed tomography (MSCT) in 1998 has led to a considerable boost of CT angiography. Four-row MSCT has been employed in the diagnostic assessment of vascular rings. Sixteen-row MSCT is expected to further increase the diagnostic power of MSCT. We report three cases of double aortic arch diagnosed by a 16-row MSCT, and discuss the possible advantages of this diagnostic tool. Patients and Methods: From April 1, 2003, to September 1, 2003, three patients underwent 16-row MSCTat our institution to evaluate the possible presence of a vascular ring. All patients presented with stridor and feeding difficulties. MSCT was performed under bland sedation (chloral hydrate 60 mg/kg). ECG gating and breath hold were not employed. Three-dimensional reconstructions were employed to assess the presence of airway compromise as well as of vascular anomalies. Results: Scanning time averaged 4 s (3.8-4.5 s). Motion artefacts were not relevant. The CT scan showed the existence of a vascular anomaly as well as of a significant tracheal compression in all cases, and was considered conclusively diagnostic by the cardiac surgeons. All three patients underwent uncomplicated corrective surgery without further investigations. Conclusion: Sixteen-row MSCT with 3D reconstruction allows a precise evaluation of the airway compromise and a detailed assessment of the anatomy of vascular anomalies. The very short scanning time allows to avoid deep sedation and anaesthesia, and to obtain higher image quality and spatial resolution, with a concomitant reduction of the radiation dose.
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Subject Sixteen-row multislice computed tomography
Double aortic arch

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