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Balzan S., Nicolini G., Iervasi A., Di Cecco P., Fommei E. Endogenous ouabain and acute salt loading in low-renin hypertension. In: American Journal of Hypertension, vol. 18 (07) pp. 906 - 909. elsevier, 2005.
Endogenous ouabain (EO), which is structurally identical to the cardiac glycoside ouabain, has been isolated in human plasma. The substance EO has been implicated in states of volume expansion and in some types of arterial hypertension, especially as a factor of salt sensitivity of blood pressure. On the other hand, salt sensitivity has been described in low-renin hypertension. The aim of this study was to determine the response of plasma EO to acute sodium expansion in low-renin hypertension.
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Subject Endogenous ouabain
arterial hypertension

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