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Sironi A. M., Gastaldelli A., Mari A., Ciociaro D., Positano V., Buzzigoli E., Ghione S., Turchi S., Lombardi M., Ferrannini E. Visceral fat in hypertension influence on insulin resistance and -Cell function. In: Hypertension, vol. 44 (02) pp. 127 - 133. american heart association, 2004.
Preferential visceral adipose tissue (VAT) deposition has been associated with the presence of insulin resistance in obese and diabetic subjects. The independent association of VAT accumulation with hypertension and its impact on insulin sensitivity and -cell function have not been assessed. We measured VAT and subcutaneous fat depots by multiscan MRI in 13 nondiabetic men with newly detected, untreated essential hypertension (blood pressure=1512/942 mm Hg, age=472 years, body mass index [BMI]=28.40.7 kg m-2) and 26 age-matched and BMI-matched normotensive men (blood pressure=1231/692 mm Hg). Insulin secretion was measured by deconvolution of C-peptide data obtained during an oral glucose tolerance test, and dynamic indices of -cell function were calculated by mathematical modeling. For a similar fat mass in the scanned abdominal region (4.80.3 versus 3.90.3 kg, hypertensive subjects versus controls, P=0.06), hypertensive subjects had 60% more VAT than controls (1.60.2 versus 1.00.1 kg, P=0.003). Intrathoracic fat also was expanded in patients versus controls (455 versus 283 cm2, P=0.005). Insulin sensitivity was reduced (10.70.7 versus 12.90.4 mL min-1 kgffm-1, P=0.006), and total insulin output was proportionally increased (64 [21] versus 45 [24] nmol m-2 h, median [interquartile range], P=0.01), but dynamic indices of -cell function (glucose sensitivity, rate sensitivity, and potentiation) were similar in the 2 groups. Abdominal VAT, insulin resistance, and blood pressure were quantitatively interrelated ({rho}'s of 0.39 to 0.47, P<0.02 or less). In newly found, untreated men with essential hypertension, fat is preferentially accumulated intraabdominally and intrathoracically. Such visceral adiposity is quantitatively related to both height of blood pressure and severity of insulin resistance, but has no impact on the dynamics of -cell function.
URL: http://hyper.ahajournals.org/cgi/reprint/44/2/127
Subject insulin resistance
adipose tissue

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