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De Chiara B., Bigi R., Devoto E., Cavenaghi G., Turazza F., Sara R., Colombo T., Frigerio M., Parodi O. Usefulness of chronotropic incompetence to dipyridamole in predicting myocardial perfusion defects in heart transplant recipients. In: American Journal of Cardiology, vol. 92 pp. 1001 - 1004. Excerpta Medica, Inc, 2003.
The aim of this report was to assess the relation between heart rate response to dipyridamole infusion and perfusion defects at quantitative sestamibi singlephoton emission computed tomographic imaging. We demonstrated in 166 heart transplant recipients that chronotropic incompetence to dipyridamole is the only significant and independent predictor of perfusion defects.
Subject myocardial perfusion

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