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Coppini G., Diciotti S., Falchini M., Villari N., Valli G. Neural networks for computer-aided diagnosis: detection of lung nodules in chest radiograms. In: Information Technology in Biomedicine, IEEE Transactions on, vol. 07 (04) pp. 344 - 357. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2003.
The paper describes a neural-network-based system for the computer aided detection of lung nodules in chest radiograms. Our approach is based on multiscale processing and artificial neural networks (ANNs). The problem of nodule detection is faced by using a two-stage architecture including: 1) an attention focusing subsystem that processes whole radiographs to locate possible nodular regions ensuring high sensitivity; 2) a validation subsystem that processes regions of interest to evaluate the likelihood of the presence of a nodule, so as to reduce false alarms and increase detection specificity. Biologically inspired filters (both LoG and Gabor kernels) are used to enhance salient image features. ANNs of the feedforward type are employed, which allow an efficient use of a priori knowledge about the shape of nodules, and the background structure. The images from the public JSRT database, including 247 radiograms, were used to build and test the system. We performed a further test by using a second private database with 65 radiograms collected and annotated at the Radiology Department of the University of Florence. Both data sets include nodule and nonnodule radiographs. The use of a public data set along with independent testing with a different image set makes the comparison with other systems easier and allows a deeper understanding of system behavior. Experimental results are described by ROC/FROC analysis. For the JSRT database, we observed that by varying sensitivity from 60 to 75% the number of false alarms per image lies in the range 4-10, while accuracy is in the range 95.7-98.0%. When the second data set was used comparable results were obtained. The observed system performances support the undertaking of system validation in clinical settings.
URL: http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/iel5/4233/28273/01263906.pdf?isnumber=28273&prod=JNL&arnumber=1263906&arSt=+344&ared=+357&arAuthor=Coppini%2C+G.%3B+Diciotti%2C+S.%3B+Falchini%2C+M.%3B+Villari%2C+N.%3B+Valli%2C+G.
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