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Dattolo P., Ferdeghini E. M., Morales M. A., Piacenti M., Maggiore Q., Pizzarelli F. Myocardial texture characterization in uremics by ultrasonic videodensitometric analysis: a review. In: Journal of Nephrology, vol. 16 pp. 635 - 640. wichtig, 2003.
Many studies have demonstrated that left ventricular hypertrophy is the most frequent cardiac alteration in patients on chronic hemodialysis. Autopsy studies have shown that hypertrophic hearts of uremic patients have peculiar characteristics, namely deposition of calcium salts, intermyocytic fibrosis, sometimes amyloid. None of the parameters obtainable from conventional echocardiografic images provides information on myocardial tissue structure. Analysis of "texture" originated as analysis of images sent by satellites for military or agricultural purposes and subsequently was applied to medicine for studying various organs like mainly and widely heart. Videodensitometry is a method for in vivo analysis of myocardial structure using computer-assisted quantitative assessment of grey levels of conventional echocardiographic images. In dialysis patients quantitative ultrasonic analysis of myocardial texture appears a promising technique for an observer-independent assessment of myocardial tissue characteristics. Although it may be hampered by many potentially confounding factors, quantitative echocardiography may offer useful arameters for the follow-up of myocardial structural changes in chronic uremia. Further studies are ongoing to completely understand the prognostic significance of myocardial ultrasonic textural alterations in dialysis population.
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