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Vrijheid M., Dolk H., Armstrong B., Abramsky L., Binachi F., Fazarinc I., Garne E., Ide R., Nelen V., Robert E., Scott J., Stone D., Tenconi R. Chromosomal congenital anomalies and residence near hazardous waste landfill sites. In: The lancet, vol. 359 pp. 320 - 322. Elsevier Inc, 2002.
Previous findings of the EUROHAZCON study showed a 33% increase in risk of non-chromosomal anomalies near hazardous waste landfill sites. Here, we studied 245 cases of chromosomal anomalies and 2412 controls who lived near 23 such sites in Europe. After adjustment for confounding by maternal age and socioeconomic status, we noted a higher risk of chromosomal anomalies in people who lived close to sites (0-3 km) than in those who lived further away (3-7 km; odds ratio 141, 95% CI 100-199). Our results suggest an increase in risk of chromosomal anomalies similar to that found for non-chromosomal anomalies.
URL: http://scienceserver.cilea.it/cgi-bin/sciserv.pl?collection=journals&journal=01406736&issue=v359i9303&article=320_ccaarnhwls&form=pdf&file=file.pdf
Subject Chromosomal

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