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Pennati M., Colella G., Folini M., Citti L., Daidone M. G., Zaffaroni N. Ribozyme-mediated attenuation of survivin expression sensitizes human melanoma cells to cisplatin-induced apoptosis. In: Journal clinical investigation, vol. 109 pp. 285 - 286. the American Society for Clinical Investigation, 2002.
Survivin is a structurally unique member of the inhibitor of apoptosis (IAP) family of proteins that is potentially involved in both control of cell division and inhibition of apoptosis (1). Specifically, its antiapoptotic function is related to the ability to directly or indirectly inhibit caspases (2). The notion that survivin is overexpressed in most of the common human tumors (3, 4) but absent in normal adult tissues with only a few exceptions (5, 6) has led to the proposal of survivin as a promising therapeutic target for novel anticancer therapies (7). Indeed, in October 2001, Mesri et al. (8) reported in the JCI that infection with a replication-deficient adenovirus encoding a Thr34->Ala mutant of survivin caused apoptosis in human tumor cell lines of different histology and reduced tumor growth in xenograft breast cancer models. Moreover, inhibition of survivin expression enhanced taxol-induced cell death in tumor cells.
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Subject Ribozyme

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