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Landini L., Manfredi C., Positano V., Santarelli M. F., Vanello N. Non-linear prediction for oesophageal voice analysis. In: Medical Engineering & Physics, vol. 24 (7-8) pp. 529 - 533. Butterworth-Heinemann, 2002.
Herein, non-linear prediction methods are applied to oesophageal voice analysis. The research aims to investigate normal and pathological subjects, in order to improve knowledge of the oesophageal voice behaviour. Analysis is performed in the reconstructed phase space, using both non-linear prediction with local linear approximation and the S-Map method. Preliminary results seem to confirm that in normal subjects a non-linear stable deterministic behaviour takes place, while in pathological subjects the non-linear contribution reduces while the time series becomes unstable.
Subject oesophageal

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